1. hawkwalks
    Junior Falconry Experience
    These experiences are specially designed for the younger audience (4-14 years of age). You will get the chance to fly from a selection of species including hawks, owls and buzzards. This experience guarantee lots of flying time! Our Falconer will guide you through the session wowing you with loads of raptor facts!! £25pp lasting 1 hour One spectator is included within the price, additional spectators are £5.00 pp. Weather permitting Discounts for group bookings Access to our new Falconry Centre is also included with the Experience, when booked after February 2017 at our new location
  2. owl walks
    Falconry Experience
    A fantastic opportunity for any bird lovers to get a hands on experience they will never forget. With the chance to fly different species of owls, hawks and buzzards, this is an action packed 90 minutes that guarantees loads of flying time for all participants. The falconer will guide you through your morning and wow you with raptor facts as the birds fly back and forth to your gloved hand. You can bring your own spectators to enjoy your day with you and take lots of photos. £50pp Spectators £5.00 pp Weather Permitting Discounts for Group Bookings Access to our new Falconry Centre is also included with the Experience, when booked after February 2017 at our new location
  3. Barn owl ring bearing
    Owl Experience
    This experience is perfect for any owl enthusiast, that they will never forget. During your hour with us you will have the opportunity to not only handle but also fly a selection of our majestic owls ranging from some of the smallest to some to the largest owls in the world!! Our Falconer will guide you through the experience with many interesting owl facts with plenty of opportunities for you to ask your own questions. £40pp Spectators £5.00 pp Weather Permitting Discount for Group Bookings. Access to our new Falconry Centre is also included with the Experience, when booked after February 2017 at our new location
  4. owl parties
    Family Experience
    Our Family Experiences last for 1 hour and are perfect for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest. We have something for everyone, the larger Birds of Prey for the Dads, the beautiful Owls for the Mum’s and the small and quirky Birds of Prey and Owls for the kids. A great opportunity for the whole family to get involved and make memories! You will be joined by our Falconer who will guide you and your family through the experience, you will also have ample opportunity to not only handle but also fly a selection of Birds of Prey and Owls. £60 per family 5 participants per family (That's just £12.00 per family member) Maximum of 2 adults per family Additional participants just £6.00 Spectators £5.00 pp Weather Permitting Access to our new Falconry Centre is also included with the Experience, when booked after February 2017 at our new location
  5. education and school visits
    Photography Days
    With one of our photography days get the chance of a lifetime to photograph a selection of our birds of prey, including Hawks, Falcons, Owls and Buzzards. We have various locations and terrain offering many photographic opportunities with different back drops. All our birds are very well trained allowing you to take different shots each time you take a photograph whilst maintaining a natural effect. Prices start from £125 per person Maximum of 6 photographers per group.
  6. pest control
    Amaze your guests on your big day by having Spirit or Soul, our Ring Bearing Barn Owls, bring your wedding rings down the aisle with an effortless silent flight. We offer 3 packages: Silver Package - Aisle flight only with 1 hour after the ceremony to include our owl in your wedding photographs. Gold Package - All of the silver package whilst entertaining your guests after the ceremony with a static display. Platinum Package - All of the above two packages with an added entertainment factor, a flight display for yourselves and guests to enjoy. Why not go even further and have Pacino, our Turkmenian Eagle Owl meet and greet your guests as they arrive to celebrate your big day! All our packages are personalized to your big day. For more information and prices please call or email us. Prices Start from £350
  7. photography days
    Educational Visits
    Here at Fixter's Falconry we are passionate about education and awareness of all birds of prey both native and international species. We have many packages in place for all ages from reception to secondary school. We aim to cover everything there is to know about these beautiful birds of prey including an informative talk about each species, habitat, food chains, conservation and the basics of falconry. We aim to involve the children as much as we can, bringing along with us various tasks and activities and welcome any questions that the pupils may have. We also offer the opportunity for school groups and classes to visit us at our Falconry Centre. We will provide educational talks whilst flying a selection of our Birds of Prey and Owls but you will also have access to our Falconry Centre to browse at your leisure - Available after February 2017 For more information please call or email us.

Parties and Occasions​

Birthday Parties

Create an extra special moment for someone with one of Birds Of Prey Parties. Get up close with some of our birds, learning about each species, handling and even a flying display. Please see our "Parties" tab for more information.

Functions, Events and Occasions 

Add a wow factor to your event or function with a bird of prey display. We will come along with a selection of our birds to be admired by the public or invited guests. We are also able to offer handling opportunities and flying displays, weather and venue permitting.

 For more information please call or email us.

With our Tuition Sessions you can learn all you need to know in order to own and fly your own Bird of Prey or Owl.

For adults we cover all you will need to know over 3 full day sessions. We advise your 3 days is broken down into the following 3 sessions -
On your First Session (before you look into sourcing your own personal Bird of Prey or Owl) we will teach you the basic essential skills, so once you Bird of Prey or Owl arrives you will be fully prepared for its arrival.
On your Second Session we teach you essential skills such as manning, etc which you can then put into practice with your Birds of Prey or Owl.
On your 3rd Session once we are happy with you progress from the 2nd Session, we teach you the critical steps which will allow you to fly your Bird of Prey or Owl. 

We can also work with mature children - with parental guidance, who have a keen interest in Falconry. We will teach the Child all of the above but we break the full days into weekly 1 hour - 1 and half hour sessions.

For more information please feel free to contact us. 


With our adoption package you can help us care for all our Birds of Prey and Owls for just £25 for a whole years adoption. 

​When you adopt one of Birds of Prey or Owls you will receive:
An official adoption certificate,
A photograph of your chosen Bird of Prey or Owl.
An information sheet about your Bird of Prey or Owl and
You can visit your Bird of Prey or Owl 4 times throughout the year.

Once you have adopted your favorite Bird of Prey or Owl we will hang a plaque with your name clearly displayed on their aviary, but most importantly your contribution goes a long way to helping provide food all year round.

Our adoption packages make great gifts.

To chose your favorite Bird of Prey or Owl come and visit us at Tattershall Farm Park.  

Pest Control Service

  All areas of pest control covered, including:

Crop Scaring
Rabbit Control
Pigeon and Gull Control
Rural Rat Control

Both Urban and Rural areas covered.

For more information or a quote please call or email us.
Hours of Operation
Mondays 12.00pm - 4.00pm
Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am-4.00pm

Experiences take place at Hardy's Animal Park, Ingoldmells


For all Experince booking enquires please email – [email protected]
For all other enquires please complete our form on the “contact us” page